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Office of Military Affairs

Howard County's Base of Operations for Fort Meade Growth
(22,000 New Jobs on Fort Meade!) 


The Department of Defense (DOD) has proposed to develop a portion of Fort Meade as an operational complex for the National Security Agency (NSA) and overall intelligence community. DOD has released a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on this growth. The EIS identifies and assesses the potential impacts associated with this proposed action and can be reviewed through the following link: DRAFT NSA EIS 

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Welcome to Howard County's home "base" for Fort Meade Growth information. This growth includes four components: Federal Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), National Security Agency, Extended Use Lease (EUL), and additional defense growth on Fort Meade not included in BRAC. This website has three primary goals:

  • To keep the residents and businesses of Howard County current on all the latest Fort Meade Growth information.
  • To inform and assist the many Government Service (GS) Civilians, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and government contractors that will be coming to live and/or work in Howard County.
  • To provide a communications platform between residents, prospective residents, businesses and the Howard County Government, so that we may continuously improve our support to all members of the Fort Meade Growth team. We need your participation in this process. Please send your comments and/or recommendations to the Growth Management Task Force Chairman, Kent Menser at kmenser@howardcountymd.gov or give him a call at 410-313-6521.


  •  It is a process with which the Department of Defense uses to reorganize its base structure or military towns so that they can more effectively support our forces.
  •  In 1998 the pentagon determined that it had 20-25% more installation capacity than it needed or would need in the future. They figured they could save money and improve operational effectiveness by consolidating operations.
  • By Law: BRAC process started in 2005 and must be completed by September 2011.


  • Surprisingly to many people, there is much more to Fort Meade growth than just BRAC. In fact, it is the planning assumption of the Howard County Task Force that growth at Fort Meade will include 22,000 new jobs on the installation during the next 5-7 years.
    Again this growth has four components, not just one. They are:
      • BRAC: 5,695 New work positions
      • NSA: 4,000 New work positions
      • EUL: 10,000 New work positions
      • Additional DOD growth: 2,000 New work positions


    Residents and businesses of Howard County and the region will benefit from the positive economic impact of BRAC. At the same time there will be challenges as we plan for potential increases in infrastructure requirements.

    The families of the three BRAC organizations (Defense Information Systems Agency, Defense Media and Publications Activity and the Defense Security Clearance Activity) and others who choose to relocate to Maryland will become a welcome addition to our many communities. We must work together to make their transition as fruitful and painless as possible.

    Taking a pro-active approach... 

    Schedule a Fort Meade Growth presentation for your organization by calling Kent Menser at 410-313-6521. This presentation takes 45 minutes and can be given during the workday or in the evening.

    For the latest information on Howard County and Fort Meade Growth go to the "resources" page on this site and review the HC BRAC Power Point Presentation and/or the information paper.



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