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Courthouse Security



Courthouse security is a high prioity for the Howard County Sheriff's Office; therefore, both HCSO uniformed Deputies and uniformed (non-sworn) Security Officers are utilized to ensure the constant security of the Howard County Circuit Court.

Uniformed Security Officers perform duties directly related to the security of the Circuit Courthouse and of prisoners awaiting trial. These officers are not sworn personnel, but are required to have training in both corrections and law enforcement.

Courthouse Security

The Circuit Courthouse is equipped with a metal detector and x-ray machine at the entrance. All employees and vistors must pass through the metal detector before entering the main foyer. All packages, backpacks, and purses must also pass through the x-ray machine. Video surveillance is used throughout the Courthouse and courtrooms are secured by two Deputies during court trials.

The following items are not allowed in the Courthouse:

  • camera phones
  • recording equipment
  • mace
  • stun guns
  • Tasers
  • pocket, folding, or Swiss Army knives of any type
  • handguns, rifles, or black-powder weapons


If you are not sure, LEAVE IT AT HOME.