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2014 Plague Outbreak Announced May 1, 2015, Linked to Two-Year-Old Pit Bull

According to U.S. News, A Colorado dog caused an on outbreak of the plague last year. Four people, including the dog's owner contracted the rare and potentially deadly infection. Although rare, the plague still exists in certain areas of the American West.  It is generally spread by rural rodent populations in the midwest; the prarie dog, for example.  The plague is not an East Coast disease, according to the article.

The plague is caused by a bacterium (singular of bacteria) called Yersinia pestis.  Unlike 124 years ago when anti-biotics were not avaliable, the plague is treatable today.  All four patients recovered.  To read the article CLICK HERE.  To read the Centers for Diseas Control and Prevention (CDC) Report, CLICK HERE

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