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What should I do with old medication?


Please DO NOT flush unwanted medications down the toilet. Medicine 


  • Place the pills in a plastic zip-top bag with coffee grounds, flour or kitty litter and put the bag in your regular trash. This makes the medicines undesirable and prevents toxins from contaminating our drinking water.
  • Local pharmacies may offer take-back or mail-in programs. For example, Rite Aid, CVS ($3.99), Walgreens ($2.99) and Giant sell prepaid envelopes that can be filled with unwanted medication and mailed to a disposal facility.
  • Take advantage of government-sponsored programs when available. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has offered prescription drug take-back programs. Visit www.dea.gov for information.
  • Visit www.disposemymeds.org for additional information and details about prescription donation sites.

Once you have safely disposed of the medication, you can recycle your empty medicine bottles.